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Panthers leap on rematch

Shoulder-to-shoulder: The Panthers and Diggers played out an Anzac weekend grand final rematch on Saturday where Pambula came out on top.
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The Pambula Panthers have taken an edge over the Merimbula Diggers after an Anzac weekend Aussie rules grand final rematch on Saturday.

Officials from the Pambula club said it was glorious conditions at the Pambula Sporting Complex for the clash, which turned on to be a hard-fought game.

The Panthers proved too strong on the day to claim the Anzac trophy 11-11 (77) to Merimbula’s 7-11 (53).

Spectators took part in commemorations before the top grade game.

“The large crowd stood silent and proud along with both teams and the umpires as members of the Merimbula RSL Sub branch delivered a moving Anzac tribute which saw the reading of the Ode followed by a perfect rendition of the last post and reveille,” a spokesman for the Panthers said.

After the formalities, the teams took to the ground for a highlight game and the going was tough from the outset as both sides contested the ball well.

“Play was going from end-to-end before Jack Salt kicked the Panthers’ first goal, but then it was all the Diggers who used the breeze to kick the next three,” the spokesman said.It was the visiting Diggers who took the lead at the first break 19-6.

Officials said Salt was on strike for the Panthers, scoring the opening two goals of the second stanza and a behind to level the scores.

“The game was played between the 50 arcs for a large part of the quater with the Panthers’ backline made up of the usual suspects of Cooky, Mango, Nelly and Mitch doing what they do best in repelling the Diggers’ attacks,” the spokesman said.

With limited opportunities for the Diggers, it was the hosts taking advantage to pile on seven goals as Tom Hammond kicked three majors and Steve Butterworth finding the big posts for a goal.

Late in the quarter the Diggers struck back with another two goals to trail by just 16 points at the main break 34-51.

An early goal and then a 50-metre penalty against the Panthers saw the Diggers clawing back the margin, while Jake Taylor was the only Panther to score a goal in the third period.

The Pambula spokesman said Joe Carton in his first senior game proved handy and versatile across the back line, running hard on the ball and using it effectively.

However, the Diggers had closed the margin to just 10 points.

Another gruelling set of play saw the Panthers clawing ahead in the final period based on some solid midfield work.

“It was a great win in front of the 2006 premiership side who’d come from all over Australia to celebrate their 10 year reunion,” Pambula coach Scott Proctor said.

Proctor also heaped praise on Darren Johnson who played in the 2006 side and put his hand up to run on against the Diggers this week.

The Panthers travel to Narooma to face the Lions this weekend, while the Diggers. will face the Whalers in Eden.

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Family’s TV revealPhotos

Family’s TV reveal | Photos MAKEOVER: The Johns’ family’s new look guest bedroom, renovated by contestants on TV show Reno Rumble. Pictures: DARREN HOWE
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REVAMPED: Tara Johns’ renovated bedroom.

FAMILY: Tara, Sue and Paul Johns.

TweetFacebookReno Rumble, with two of therooms made over in an episode that aired on Monday night.

Mr and Mrs Johns’ other daughter Becckywas a dedicated fan of home makeover television shows and it was her dream to have the family home overhauled on such a program.

Last year the 23-year-old had a chance meeting withThe Blockwinners Dean and Shay Paine, who nominated the family to receive a home makeover onReno Rumble.

But at the time of their meeting Beccky was undergoing treatment for non-Hodgkin lymphoma and the disease claimed her life before she saw her dream become reality.

In Monday night’s episode aroom that was once the lounge room was transformed into a guest bedroom and Ms Johns’ bedroom was revamped.

Dark wood panelling was replaced withpaintwork ofwhite, grey and blue, and the contestants decorated the rooms withfurnishings in similar soft shades.

Ms Johns said her sister would have been pleased with the new look of the rooms.

“She’d love the colours…she was always bright and colourful, but in regards to her styling, all of the furniture she had in her apartment in Melbourne and everything, it was all grey and white,” Ms Johns said.

The remaining rooms will be revealed in theReno Rumblefinal, airing Tuesday, April 26, at 9pm on WIN.

The Johns family will also hold an open inspection day of theirhome on Saturday, May 7 from 10am to 2pm at 2 Tomlins Street, Bendigo.

Entry will be by gold coin donation, with proceeds going to a trust established in Beccky’s honour to fund research into non-carcinogenic anti-rejection drugs for transplant patients.

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Question time for council directors

Pedestrian refuges, car park resealing and storm water drainage – these were high on the deputy mayor’s agenda at Wednesday night’s monthly council meeting.
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Councillor Ben Cooper took the opportunity to fire questions at council’s directors while the civic leaders were reporting their civic duties.

Reminding the meeting how many times he’s raised his concerns, Cr Cooper first turned his attention to what action was being done about the poor visibility of the pedestrian refuges in Boorowa Street – one year on since the major upgrades of the main street.

“Because you can’t see them, making their purpose void,” he said.

Operations director Dirk Wymer told the meeting council will repaint the refuges.

Cr Cooper also questioned Mr Wymer why the proposed works to reseal the Gus Smith Oval car park kept getting held off.

Mr Wymer said they were looking at the Clarke Street car park and Rosemary Lane works first but estimated the Gus Smith Oval project would be underway within a maximum of three to four weeks’ time.

Lastly Cr Cooper raised the terrible state of Thornhill Street and how urgently it needs resealing.

But he first called for a report on the street’s storm water issues.

“Nothing can be done until we look at the storm water drainage,” Cr Cooper said.

“Can I call for a report?” He asked.

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Van art a connection to original caretakers

OUTBACK ADVENTURE: Wendy Callanan in her travel van which her friend David Dunn painted for her. Picture: ELENOR TEDENBORGA CONNECTION with Indigenous Australia inspired a piece of artwork, which will be seen in remote communities across the country.
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Wendy Callanan, of Wodonga, will embark on a trip starting up the east coast on Wednesday.

She drove around the western half of Australia last year and said this time she hoped to help in remote Indigenous communities.

She doesn’t know when she will return, but travelling with her will be the spirit of the Dunn family.

Border artist, David Dunn, spent about five days paining the driver side of MsCallanan’s van.

He hoped it would signal she was a friendly traveller.

“Because she has been travelling to outback communities, Ithought how about we do something about your bus,” Mr Dunn said.

“She will be recognised in the communities as a friend because she has the artwork.

“What Wendy is doing is how we are supposed to be as humans, helping out our elders, because they helped out us when we were little.”

Ms Callanan taught Mr Dunn’s daughter at theKoori Kindermanna Preschool and the pair have kept in touch ever since.

She also has a background in aged care and experience in helping people battling addiction.

Mr Dunn said hisartwork told a story, saying:“Thebottom part represents Wendy’s journey, she told me animals which she relates to, sort of like her totems.

“She told me a story about Corellas, how she collected feathers and gave them to an elder in Western Australia.

“The top part represents what happens when she pulls up in each community, they are celebrating Wendy’s arrival and taking care of her.

“And the figures on the box represent my family, Kylie, myself and our four children,Kobi, 14, Adina-Tallara, 12, Marra-Geen, 10, Davina-Kahli, 5.

“We arewishing her a safe and happy journey, our spirit is always with her.”

Over the next year, MsCallanan hoped to get to the KapululanguAboriginal Women’s Law and Culture Centre and to Wyndham.

“Part of my dream is to go and do volunteer work in the missions,” she said.

“At the women’s centre Iwould be looking after elderly Aboriginal women who are still living on the land by their culture.

“They are passing the message on, which is being lost to the young aboriginal girls.

“I alsowant to get back toWyndhamand try to offer something where there is a lot of drug and alcohol abuse.”

She said she hoped to share Mr Dunn’s artwork along the way.

“It is just amazing, Ididn’t know what David was going to paint,” she said.“He has painted my journey.”

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Happy Mother’s Day to all

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. This week seems like as good a time as any to pay tribute to the important mothers in my life.
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1.My Mum – My mother sacrificed so many things in her own life so that her own children never went without. Now that I live out west, I value the time I can spend with her even more. Next year my eldest daughter is off to boarding school in Brisbane. My mother is Head of Boarding at Clayfield College, and we will be sending Miss 11 to live with her Nana (and 100 or so other girls).

I’m happy that if I can’t have my children living with me, that they will be fortunate enough to be able to live with my mother, who is in fact ‘mother’ to many other young girls as well these days! Knowing my children will be in her care fills me with enormous love and gratitude. She is a truly amazing woman.

2.The Farmer’s Mum – After I married The Farmer, his mother has opened her home and her life to me. Living on the same property has meant that we have been in and out of each other’s pockets for many years now.

Not only has she welcomed me warmly, and gone out of her way to ensure that I have any support and assistance I require, but she has been the closest thing I have to my own mother over the past 13 or so years. She has also been a second mother to my own children. I have been very lucky.

3.Granny – She’s actually The Farmer’s Granny. Pretty much everyone I know calls her ‘Granny’. She is one of the most incredible women I have ever met. She is closing in on a century, and there is not much she hasn’t seen over the course of her life.

She is loaded with love and compassion for people, and a knowledge and passion for life on the land. Having no surviving grandparents of my own, I am incredibly thankful for being able to have Granny in my life. She is an inspiration.

4.The mothers of my children’s friends – Living in a rural community such as this, it is only with the support of other mothers that I am able to live and work to the extent that I do.

We rely on each other to transport and babysit children, take them for weekends and feed them if we can’t do it ourselves. Time and distance is always an issue! I thank and salute all of you.

This Mother’s Day is not about gifts or spending money. I will be taking the time to acknowledge all the women who spend their days thinking about others. My day will be spent with my family, before the onslaught of shearing descends upon us. Happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere.

What is your favourite memory of your mother? Let me know at Facebook: The Farmer’s Wife, Instagram: @jessthefarmerswife, Twitter: @jessfarmerswife

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