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IWIB celebrates 10th anniversary of business women’s awards

IWIB celebrates 10th anniversary of business women’s awards TweetFacebookRead more: IWIB 2017 Awards winners story: PHOTOSThe first awards were held in March 2009and have become a highly soughtafter badge of honour for businesswomen in theregion.
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Read more: IWIB 2016 Awards winners story. PHOTOSMrs Papac said the feedback from entrants over the years was that win, lose or draw the process was a great exercise in self analysis of their business and a good exercise in personal development.

She said it hadalso been a great to unearth new businesses and otherswho hadbeen flying under the radar for years without seeking recongition. In the proces she has discovered someamazing stories.

“Wehave many businesswomen in our community with viable, sustainable businesses who are going beyond in many ways,” she said.

“Part of IWIB’s ethos is about community, giving back to the community and this has been encouraged for the past 12 years at IWIB.”

“We encourage business people to be actively involved in the community as part of our corporate social responsibility. Many of our members have taken this on board and are out there being actively involved, giving back to the community.”

Read more: IWIB 2015 Awards winners story: PHOTOSMrs Papac said her favourite memory from the last 12 years at IWIB though was having guest speaker Turia Pitt as a speaker twice.

“And I am looking forward to her coming back again as speaker at our last lunch for the year in November with a different story to tell now she is a mother,” she said.

“Turia is probably the most inspiring and motivating person I have met, and take on board her daily mentoring on social media.”

Read more:Inspirational Turia Pitt talks about facing fears and motherhood in WollongongAsked about her favourite memory from the past 10 years of awards was every awards day.

Her other favourite thing about the awards is “when the judges phone through their category winners and highly commended to me, every year I look forward to receiving the results”.

Read more: IWIB 2014 Awards winners story: PHOTOSA highlight this year has been going to each sponsor and head judge and interviewing them on what they thought about the finalists this year.

“Every judge this year had a very difficult time with the calibre of finalists and all commented that it was the most difficult year they have experienced for judging,” she said.

Read more: IWIB 2013 Awards winners story: PHOTOSMrs Papac said itwas uplifting to receive an email from Katrina Rowland, ofMortgage Success, whowas the inauguralIWIB Business Woman of the Year in 2009.

Ms Rowland saidwinning an awardbroughtreal rewards of recognition and a noted level of excellence to your current and future customers.It also brings pride and self satisfaction.

Anniversary: Virginia Wren, Dianne Chalk, Glenda Papac and Margaret Biggs will be among hundreds of women celebrating IWIB this Friday. Picture: Greg Ellis.

Story from the 10thanniversary of IWIB in 2016.

Illawarra Women in Business director GlendaPapactook over running of the peak women’s networking group in 2006 afterIWIB started in2004.

Under the direction of MrsPapac and her friendDelyse Del Turco for seven of the 10 years the peak businesswomen’s networking group has grown from strength to strength.

So much so it is now one ofthe biggest and most active networking bodies in the state.

It originally met every six weeks at the Lagoon Seafood Restaurant in Wollongong with up to 250 women on its database by 2007 when more than 100 women attended meetings.

At the outsetMrs Papac said theaim of IWIB was to help the women of the Illawarra grow their business by active interaction with others in thebest possible networking environment.

That was achieved by herstrong leadership, her interest in every business involved and he continuedsupport and encouragement.

MrsPapacsaid it was a particularly good environment for women just starting out in their businesses, as well as for women established in their businesses and looking to build their business.

Over the last decade IWIB hasprovided women with the opportunity to develop business relationships, refer work to each other, access joint marketing initiatives, seek advice from other women in business and build friendships.

The meetings are attended by a cross-section of women of all ages from a broad range of businesses.

Agrowing number of men have become involved over the years as welland are encouraged to contribute.

MrsPapachas always ensured IWIB is Illawarra-run for businesses in the Illawarra and that all money raises for charity stays in the region.

Every meeting supports a nominated charity and has featured an interesting guest speaker.

MrsPapacis always one to step out and try new things and during the last decade there have been many innovations.

One of her goals has been to help more women become actively involved in prominent leadership roles in the community.

She also encouraged them to continually enter awards. And says that is as much about what you learn in the process as anything else.

To date everything she had tried has worked. And many in business circles think it is a pity Mrs Papac is not able to enter the awards herself.

The IWIB awards are only one of her successes.

Othershave been the informal IWIB Coffee Club networking events and large lunches with high profile speakers such as Turia Pitt, Dawn Fraser and Mark Bouris.

IWIB now hosts two big lunches a year that are attended by up to 450 people.

TheIan Thorpe lunch in September is the next one. It is timedfor just after the Rio Olympics.

When Mrs Del Turco decided she needed to stand down as a director to focus on other things in 2014 an advisory board was established to help MrsPapacrun what has become a dynamic peak networking group for businesswomen.

Those board members are the Disability Trust’sMargaret Biggs, Hillross Fairy Meadow’sDianneChalkand Illawarra ITeC business development managerVirginia Wren.

Looking ahead to the next decade of IWIB one thing is for sure.MrsPapacand her advisory board will continue to innovate and grow the networking group for the good of everyone involved and the region.

Read more:Judging begins at Centro CBD for the 2018 Illawarra Women In Business (IWIB) Awards.2009 IWIB Awards winners story 2009 winners Kartina Rowlands and Angela Saville.

Dynamic duo share in business success

KATRINARowlandsand Angela Saville are today celebrating the honour of being the first Illawarra Business Women of the Year.

The two female role models received the honour at yesterday’s first Illawarra Women in Business (IWIB) awards at the Lagoon Restaurant.

IWIB directors Delyse Del Turco and Glenda Papac said there had been a great response to the inaugural awards, designed to celebrate and encourage achievement and promote positive role models for other women.

Mrs Papac said many had used the awards experience to help build their business profiles.

In entering, they had to demonstrate ambition, energy, skill, vision and tangible business success. And that is exactly what the judges saw in 2009 IWIB Illawarra Business Woman of the YearKatrinaRowlands.

They described her as a vivacious, multi-award-winning entrepreneur driven by a passion to be the first and best-choice financial services provider. They said she was well known and highly respected by her peers in a male-dominated industry.

As one of a select few high-profile women in the mortgage business she had become an important role model for diversity. What also impressed the judges was MsRowlands’ mentoring of younger women entering the profession.

The citation read: “Katrina’s remarkable integrity, dedication and warmth, combined with a down-to-earth business savvy, is evidenced by all who meet her. She is both humbled and honoured by the accolades she receives from her peers, her team (who nominated her for this award) and her many satisfied clients.”

MsRowlandswrote in her submission that her inspiration came from a deep-seated wish to be happy.

And no-one was more proud of her yesterday than her partner in business and in life, John, and her four children.

MsRowlandssaid the recognition was appreciated because she knew what she did was the best that she could do.

To be acknowledged for that locally meant people in this region recognised her hard work. She said it was a long, hard road to succeed in any business but even harder for a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

MsRowlandssaid she was happy for IWIB to use her as a role model.

“I encourage others to really work to their full potential, especially women. I think the world is open to all of you to really do the best and be the best you can be. There is no marker to achieve that. It is just the satisfaction to know you have done the best you can. And the more you can share that with others is fantastic.”

Illawarra Young Business Woman of the Year Angela Saville was recognised for her decision to transform a hobby into a very successful business that had reaped enormous benefits for the Illawarra.

The judges were impressed by the way she took the gamble to leave her secure employment in the education system to set up a business that now employs many other Illawarra people. They said along the way she had developed skills in all aspects of her business, from management and marketing to financial matters.

Her citation read: “Savvy Fitness is enhancing the health and well-being of growing numbers of both young and more mature Illawarra citizens and is complemented by the many charitable initiatives that she runs.”

Mrs Saville said the win was very unexpected, much appreciated and a real privilege to receive in front of so many impressive women.

“We are all passionate in what we do which, I think, is the secret ingredient to being successful,” she said.


2009 IWIB Illawarra Business Woman of the Year:

Winner -KatrinaRowlands, of Mortgage Success.Finalist – Miranda Bond, of Inika Mineral Cosmetics.Highly Commended – Liz Anderson of Club 46, and Angela Johnson, of Evanscorp.2009 Young Business Woman of the year:

Winner – Angela Saville, of Savvy Fitness.Finalist – Jessica Saad, of University of Wollongong.Highly Commended – Jonni Nicolaou, of Lagoon Seafood Restaurant, and Jodi Pyke, of Finance Control.2010 IWIB Awards winners story 2010 IWIB Business Woman of the Year Angela Saville and Young Businesswoman of the Year Amy Harper.

Sisterhood savours achievers

LAST year was an incredible year for Angela Saville, and2010is shaping up the same way.

She was acknowledged at yesterday’s Illawarra Women In Business (IWIB)awardsas a wonderful role model and inspiration to other women business leaders in the Illawarra.

The Savvy Health and Fitness proprietor was widely applauded when she was announced as Illawarra Business Woman of the Year.

Mrs Saville started 2009 by being namedIWIBYoung Business Woman of the Year and ended it by being named Illawarra Young Business Person of the Year.

Around that, she supported husband Glen Saville as he backed Mat Campbell in the quest to save the Wollongong Hawks and helped the team reach the NBL grand finals.

The Illawarra Grammar School deputy headmaster Monica Watt was highly commended in the Business Woman of the Year category.

The judges said Mrs Saville took a positive approach to business and through her passion for her work had helped thousands of people improve their health and well-being: “Angela has achieved strong growth, with a clever and innovative brand strategy leading to an iconic business profile.

“Her business culture and approach is overwhelming positive and she has taken a leadership role to work collaboratively with her competitors for the benefit of the fitness industry.

“She also makes a positive contribution to the community through charity fundraising and contribution to schools and sporting teams.”

Amy Harper of Kells the Lawyers was namedIWIBYoung Business Woman of the Year, and Carrie Baldwin of Streamlined Bookkeeping was highly commended.

The judges said Mrs Harper showed great leadership, commitment and pride in her community.

They described her as quiet and unassuming with great personal values, commitment and professionalism when dealing with clients, mentoring junior staff or working in the general community.

TheIWIBBest BusinessAwardwent to Angel Recruitment & Consultancy Group, and Domina Insurance, run by Karen Ferguson, was highly commended.

Angel Recruitment was recognised for the way Beti Krsteski developed a one-person concept into a growing recruitment group.

Like an angel who is there when people need her, she broke into an established marketplace by valuing each candidate individually.

In the process, Angel Recruitment initiated a youth employment strategy in the region, and has been heavily involved in International Women’s Day Illawarra, Women on Boards and JCI Illawarra.

Rossi Simicic Lawyers was named Best Small Business and Phytness Physiotherapy’s Nicole Frost and Angela Rodwell were highly commended.

Lisa Hughes and Kristine Morgan, of Love Being Woman, Beti Krsteski of Angel Recruitment and Consultancy Group, Tiarna Simicic and Lou Rossi of Rossi and Simicic Lawyers who took out awards at the Illawarra Businesswomen’s Awards at the Lagoon Restaurant in 2010.

The judges said Luciana Rossi and Tiana Simicic’s success was driven by their passion and motivation for providing high-quality legal services and their enthusiasm for mentoring and providing training and development opportunities for young lawyers, ongoing community support and promotion of green work practices.

Love Being Woman won the Best Home Based BusinessAward, with Anne and Nicole Floral Designers highly commended.

The judges said Love Being Woman directors Kris Morgan and Lisa Hughes demonstrated a clear business vision, had a well-researched, clearly defined business plan and had shown how a small home-based business could be successfully developed.

2011IWIB Awards winners story Glenda Papac, Carmen Rudd winner of Business Woman of the Year and Delyse Del Turco at the Illawarra Women in Business Awards in 2012..

Rudd, Viselli top women’s awards

CarmenRudd and Natalie Viselli have been named as the Illawarra Business Woman of the Year and Illawarra Young Business Woman of the Year.

The prestigious awards were announced when Illawarra Women in Business (IWIB) directors Glenda Papac and Delyse Del Turco yesterday hosted the third annualIWIBIllawarra Business Women’s Awards.

Mrs Rudd was recognised for her role in developing Wollongong Serviced Apartments into a leading accommodation venue, developing an innovative new business called Illawarra Concierge and using her business successes to make a difference to many people in the Wollongong community and around the world.

She was chosen from 20 finalists for making many significant contributions with her time, talents and resources.

This year’s awards had double the number of entries from 2010.

In accepting her award, Mrs Rudd acknowledged her late father Paul Gauci for inspiring her in business.

Ms Viselli, a senior research manager with IRIS Research, was hailed as a great role model for all young women in the region.

She was recognised for her outstanding leadership at work and with organisations such as JCI lllawarra, her enthusiasm, her energy and the tireless way she has inspired others to do well.

However, Ms Viselli surprised everyone when she revealed she had recently made a very difficult decision to move to Canberra, to be with her partner.

The judges said the standard of entries this year was a testament to how many outstanding young business women there were in the Illawarra.

A highly commended award in theIWIBYoung Business Woman of the Year category went to Alita Ashcroft, of Contours Woonona and Dapto.

It was a great day for Ms Ashcroft and her business partner Alexandra Blake.

Contours Dapto was namedIWIBBest Business and Contours Woonona the best small business.

The judges said the two young business women stood out for creating systemised processes to ensure business continuity.

They also gave back to the community through health education for children, the mentally ill, middle aged and elderly women, mentored and motivated their staff and created social, educational and healthy communities within their business.

Shortly after Contours Woonona was established in October 2006 it was ranked the number one Contours franchisee in NSW and number two in Australia.

More than 80 per cent of all new members at Contours Woonona and Dapto are women who have never exercised before.

Ann + Nicole Floral Designers, owned by Ann Crasti and Nicole Goodyer, was recognised as the best home-based business.

The judges said the small enterprise had carefully planned its growth and development, clearly understood and capitalised upon its strengths and had implemented well defined strategies to overcome the challenges of being a home-based business.

The Best New Business was Renewable Recyclers.

Since the start of trading last March the business owned by Alison Perizi has seen its team grow from five to 14, diverted over 180 tonnes of toxic e-waste from landfill, provided 122 refurbished computers for the community, planted 360 trees through its customer loyalty program and worked tirelessly towards building a sustainable Illawarra.

It has also created job opportunities for people who face barriers with mainstream employment.

Margaret Biggs, of The Illawarra Grammar School, was namedIWIBNetworking Champion of the Year and was described as an outstanding member of the business community.

“Margaret is the person you go to when you need to know something or someone,”IWIBdirector Glenda Papac said.

“These awards showcase outstanding examples of how women in the Illawarra are driving forward the local economy.

“These awards are recognised as a highlight for women in the Illawarra business community and as a highlight in the annual business calendar,” she said.

“The number of applicants received this year has doubled.”



Winner: Carmen Rudd, Wollongong Serviced Apartments & Illawarra Concierge.Highly commended: Sandra Pires of Why Documentaries, Chris Beaven of Kidzwish Foundation, Jane Milinkovic of O’Donnell Hennessy & Co Chartered Accountants, Lou Rossi of Rossi Simicic Lawyers, Marion MacLean of You Are What You Eat, and Fiona Magro of Admin Resolutions.■ YOUNG BUSINESS WOMAN OF THE YEAR:

Winner: Natalie Viselli of IRIS Research.Highly commended: Alita Ashcroft of Contours Woonona and Dapto.■ BEST BUSINESS:

Winner: Contours Dapto (Alexandra Blake and Alita Ashcroft).■ BEST SMALL BUSINESS:

Winner: Contours Woonona (Alexandra Blake and Alita Ashcroft).Highly commended: Why Documentaries (Sandra Pires).■ HOME-BASED BUSINESS:

Winner: Ann + Nicole Floral Designers (Ann Crasti and Nicole Goodyer).Highly commended: Your Contact Solutions (Melinda Charlesworth).■ BEST NEW BUSINESS:

Winner: Renewable Recyclers (Alison Perizi).Highly commended: Early Years Care (Marie Smith).■ NETWORKING CHAMPION OF THE YEAR:

Winner: Margaret Biggs of The Illawarra Grammar School.2012IWIB Awards winners story At the 2012 awards were Glenda Papac, Amy Harper, of Kells the Lawyers, Jenny Hirst, of IBC, and Business Woman of the Year Margaret Bowen, of the Disability Trust.

Women making their mark

IllawarraWomen in Business have named Margaret Bowen, of The Disability Trust,2012Illawarra Business Woman of the Year.

Mrs Bowen was recognised at the2012IWIBIllawarra Business WomenAwardsfor taking a humble company with four employees 25 years ago to an organisation with 700 people.

The judges said she had passion and commitment to developing quality services that met the needs of clients, families and carers.

Illawarra Young Business Woman of the Year was Novotel Wollongong Northbeach, Novotel Brighton and Mercure Gerringong human resources manager Emily Squires, who has initiated numerous programs for staff, customers and the community and had overseen an employee satisfaction rate of 98.7 per cent and a successful indigenous employment program.

She was also the inspiration behind the Amazing Race Wollongong, which raised $15,000 for Mission Australia and acts as a mentor and role model for staff as well as hospitality and events students at TAFE and university.

The new Business Woman of the Future category went to former St Mary’s College student Melissa Ljubic, who is doing the final year of a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce at UOW.

She has combined her passion for social justice with her interest in economics and business and recently returned from Washington after an internship on Capitol Hill.

The Networking ChampionAwardwas presented to Vi Blazevska, of ANZ Bank Wollongong, and the Best New BusinessAwardwent to Skin Correctives, founded 14 months ago by Karen Meiring De Gonzalez.

Butler Creative was named Best Home-Based Business and Cheboom Bridal won the Best Small BusinessAward.

Last year’s businesswoman of the year Carmen Rudd tasted more success in2012, with Wollongong Serviced Apartments named Best Business.

IWIBIllawarra Business WomenAwardwinners.

Illawarra Business Woman of the Year: Margaret Bowen, of The Disability Trust. Highly Commended: Amy Harper, of Kells.Illawarra Young Business Woman of the Year: Emily Squires, of Accor. Highly Commended: Hayley Kelloway, of RMB.Business Woman of the Future: Melissa Ljubic, of UOW. Highly Commended: Valentina Stojcevska, of Kells.Networking Champion: Vi Blazevska, of ANZ Bank.Best New Business: Skin Correctives. Highly Commended: Birdie & Oak.Best Home-Based Business: Butler Creative. Highly Commended: AB Computer Training.Best Small Business: Cheboom Bridal. Highly Commended: Simple Fitness.Best Business: Wollongong Serviced Apartments. Highly Commended: The Disability Trust.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Congratulations to all over STOMP success

Congratulations must go to the Cessnock Business Chamber as well as the many local restaurants, wineries, businesses, gourmet products and food and market stallsthat took part and of course, everyone that attended the 2016 STOMP Festival.
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By all accounts the Festival was a raging success with in excess of 10,000 people enjoying all that our local area has to offer. This was certainly great for our local economy and would not have been possible without everyone … too many to name here … that made the Festival the success that it was!

STATE AWARDFor a number of years, the NSW Government State Representative Award has been recognising people who have represented the State of NSW in a competitive field.

Nominees of any age, who have represented NSW in a competitive field, whether it is sport, music, the arts or academic, either nationally or internationally, can be nominated for the award.

The nomination form can be obtained either by contacting my office or be downloaded from the website of the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet at 梧桐夜网dpc.nsw.gov419论坛/programs_and_services/nsw_government_awards. The nomination form must be filled out and then signed by a referee (e.g. coach or instructor) who is an official representative of the NSW state organisation for which the nominee has been selected to represent NSW.

Further information regarding the Award can be obtained from the abovementioned website, by email to [email protected]论坛 or by phoning Protocol and Special Events on 9228 5016.

MESSAGEREQUESTSQuite often my office is contacted about requests for congratulatory messages for 50th and 60th wedding anniversaries and 80th, 90th and 100th birthdays for either parents, family members or friends.

For the request to be processed, you will need to provide supporting documentation such as birth certificates or marriage certificates.

The request is submitted by my office to the NSW Premier via the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet and if appropriate, it will be then passed on to the NSW Governor, the Prime Minister and the Governor-General, so you only have to make one application if you are entitled to get messages from other parties.

Requests for congratulations are accepted up to six weeks before the birthday or wedding anniversary.

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Souths, Tigers clash to be comedy of errors

Not again: Robbie Farah couldn’t face another loss against the Canberra Raiders in Canberra last week. Picture: Stefan Postles/Getty ImagesTomorrow, the Wests Tigers will face the Souths Sydney Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium.
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Ordinarily a clash between the two squads would be one to circle on the calendar –but this year it deserves to be scratched off.

The Bunnies are performing worse this season than they have at any time in recent memory, even going down to the bottom-placed Sydney Roosters in round six.

And the mighty Tigers are not as mighty as their first two wins of the season would suggest.

Last weekend, the boys in orange were demolished by the Green Machine, with the Canberra Raiders scoring 60 points to the Tigers’ six.

The defeat saw the Tigers brought to their sixth straight loss.

The Bunnies haven’t been much better, only managing three wins from their first eight games.

Significant injuries will also put a dampener on Thursday’s battle.

The green and red team will see key playmaker Adam Reynolds sidelined with another jaw injury.

Also watching from the stands will be John Sutton, whowon’t be back until round 17.

The Bunnies will however benefit from the return of star winger Alex Johnston, who is expected to take the field after recovering from a hamstring injury.

The Tigers are still missing courageous captain Aaron Woods, whose ankle injury will see him sitting in the stands for another two to three weeks.

David Nofoaluma is also sidelined indefinitely with a knee injury, while off-season buy Matt Ballin has yet to make his club debut due to his own troublesome knee injury.

After weeks of terrible losses and an inability to close out a game, it’s hard to imagine the Rabbitohs and Tigers match-up as anything but a comedy of errors.

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Model trains at Melrose in full flow

More than 850 people took the opportunity to be a passenger on the model trains at Melrose Park on the Sunday of Anzac Day Long Weekend.
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This is a record number of passengers –although visitor numbers continue to rise.

The park opened for the Sunday –it opens on the second and fourth Sunday of each month during daylight savings –attracting visitors from throughout to enjoy a ride or two.

A bouncy castle was also there for the children to have additionalfun.

Model Engineers Secretary, David Lloyd said there were two steam engines running on the day and about four other trains taking passengers for rides around the park.

Passengers are taken on a kilometre journey through Melrose Park and enjoy various obstacles including a bridge and tunnel.

“It kept our signal man very busy and very concentrated,” Mr Lloyd said.

This track has been the hard work of many volunteers for years and it’s gaining popularity.

Mr Lloyd said the visitor numbers to the Model Engineers park had steadily increased during the years and that more and more people were turning out on the train days.

Including a strong number of locals.

Clare has a standardised track, which allowsother trains to run on their tracks –it has seen trains come from elsewhere in SA and even as far as QLD.

There are 85 affiliated independent Model Engineer clubs throughout Australia, with seven of those in SA.

“It’s a great hobby because it involves all sorts of things.”

The youngest person to ever ride at the Model Engineers park in Clare was just five days old, while the oldest was 96.

It isfun for all ages.

The next trains day will be on Sunday, May 8 from 1.30pm.

It’s just $2 per ride and adults and children are welcome –free rides for children under three years old.

Mr Lloyd encouraged people to attend and check out what was on offer at the park.

It’s a place to take the whole family for abit of Sunday afternoon fun, take a picnic and relax for the afternoon of train rides.

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Support gap for disabled using servos

Filling up on petrol is a task taken for granted –but when you are not capable of doing so independently what options do you have?
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SEEKING SUPPORT: Springdale Heights resident Elaine Baker says there should be better support at service stations for disabled people. Picture: MARK JESSER

Springdale Heights resident Elaine Baker asked this question when she moved into her home in 2014.

Mrs Baker, who uses a walking frame, relied on her neighbour for helpwhen living in Jindera and has had difficulty finding assistance since living on the Border.

“Me and my son drove around Albury-Wodonga looking for a place that will help me,” she said.

“A lot of the time staff couldn’t as they were the only ones in the shop, or they just said no.

“I’d like to stay living in my home as long as I can but I’m starting toget sofrustrated.

“I know in Albury-Wodonga, thereare a lot ofdisabled people –where do they go?”

Disability Advocacy and Information Service Inc. executive officer Martin Butcher said he often receives inquiries about petrol stations.

“We find there is an issue …some petrol stations won’t assist people,” he said.

“For some people it can be a barrier to using their cars.

“We find independent stations are usually better and people can build relationships with them.

“I know that there’s a Caltex Station in North Alburythat if you were to go and honk your horn theywill come out,” he said.

A Caltex spokesman said there were four “honk for assistance” sites on the Border –on the corner of Dean Street and Creek St, Thomas Mitchell Drive, Union Road and on Bonegilla Road.

He advised customers to check theavailability for the assistance with these stores.

Mr Butcher said more could be done to support disabled people.

“I would ask petrol stations totrain their staff to keep an eye out for people with disabilities and to promote any driveway assistance,” he said.

“Wedo get people from the Border unaware of anybody that will assist them.

“If they promote it, it will becomeknown,and ifyou provide a good service people will come and use it.”

Caltex services providing the driveway support across the region can be found by selecting the “honk for assistance” filter on the online store locator.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.