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Planning underway for our next big NYE

Hands on: Nat Kirby and Kevin Philistin Merimbula Tourism, Grant Stevenson RFS, Gabriel and Narelle Hutchinson Arise, and Natalie Godward Cruise Eden.It may be more than seven months away butMerimbula Tourismmanager Nat Kirby is already planning Merimbula’s next New Year’s Eve event after taking the reins of the highly successful 2015 event, which attracted around 10,000 people.
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“The 2015 NYE event was very successful. The transition from a Merimbula Chamber of Commerce managed event to Merimbula Tourism was seamless due to the work done by the previous organising group from the Merimbula Chamber of Commerce. We all pitched in and collaborated well to ensure Merimbula retains this great NYE event benefiting locals and tourists alike.”

The success meant Merimbula Tourism was able to donate$1000 to the Merimbula RFS for the significant help given over the past five years. There was also $500 for Arise (Pambula Baptist Church) who for the third year, gave out water and red frogs with a focus on those at risk from alcohol consumption.

“These events take an enormous amount of effort from volunteers, and help from our sponsors,for which we are very grateful,” Ms Kirby said. “Merimbula NYE fireworks and concert is a very popular event on the Sapphire Coast calendar, without their assistance, we wouldn’t have this event.”

Ms Kirby is putting out a call for more volunteers to help with the running of this highly successful event particularly from mid-afternoon NYE to 2am the following morning. Jobs include can shakers for the much-needed donations, gophers or set-up and pack-down/clean-up crews. To get yourname on the roster for any positionplease contact Nat Kirby on 6495 1129.

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Group 20 feature strongly in rep team

The Group 20 side walk back after scoring a try against Group Nine. Following their 28-14 win over Group Nine, the Group 20 Razorbacks have had nine players selected in the Riverina leaguetag side.
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Whilst Group 20 players filled the majority of the squad, Group 20 coachKelly Pauls said several Razorbacks were unlucky to miss out.

“I expected it after the match on Saturday night, the girls truly earned their spots,” Pauls said of the Group 20 flavour in the Riverina side.

“Iwould have loved a couple more, but Group Ninehad some very athletic girls that will be handy in the side.”

The Riverina leaguetag sidewill play alongside the men in Wyong on May 14.

Pauls –who will manage the side –was hopefulthe side could train as much as possible before travelling to Wyong.

“That will be up to Peter but hopefully he will try and get a couple in and we can hopefully gel a bit,” Pauls said.

“An advantage of having nine group 20 players is they’ve already spent time together.”

Pauls said the high number of Group 20 players in the squad reflected how strong the local competition is.

“Iwas lucky enough to have our Leeton side play a lot of pre-season games against a lot of other groups and Iwalked away and said ‘our toughest opponents are in Group 20’,” she said.

“Andthis year, the teams across the board are a lot stronger.”

Group 20 players selected to represent Riverina: Shailyn Williams (Griffith Black and Whites),Eliza Baddock (Yenda),Maddie Payne (Yenda),Megan Pearson (Hay Magpies),Rachel Pearson (Hay Magpies),Georgia Everett (Leeton),Sophie McGregor (Leeton),Gabby McGregor(Leeton),Kate Cooper (Leeton)

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France wins $50b contract to help build Australia’s new submarines

France, Germany and Japan have been in a hard-fought contest for the contract to help build Australia’s new submarines. Photo: Department of Defence Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced French firm DCNS has won the contract. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen
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The DCNS Shortfin Barracuda: France has been in a hard-fought contest against Japan and Germany for the contract to help build Australia’s new submarines. Photo: Supplied

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announces the winning bid for for the new submarine DCNS at a press conference in Adelaide. Photo: David Mariuz

Analysis: Best submarine at the best price, and good politics

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced all 12 of Australia’s next fleet of submarines will be built in Adelaide from local steel, with France winning the hard-fought global race for the $50 billion contract.

Mr Turnbull said in Adelaide on Tuesday morning that the decades-long program would create about 2800 direct jobs and help Australia transition to a 21st century economy.

The new fleet, the first of which will hit the water in the early 2030s, will be built using Australian steel, he said, declaring the pledge “part of our plan for the jobs and growth of the 21st century”.

“Over decades to come, the submarine project alone will see Australian workers building Australian submarines with Australian steel here, where we stand today, for decades into the future. Fifty years from now, submarines will be sustained [and] built here. Surface vessels will be built here because of the commitment we have made to this great national endeavour of building Australia’s navy of the 21st century.

“We do this to secure Australia, to secure our island nation. But we do it also to ensure that our economy transitions to the economy of the 21st century.”

He said the local build would ensure “that we have the technology and skills and the manufacturing” and would guarantee the “jobs of our children and grandchildren for decades to come”.

The economic flow-on effects would be “immense”, he said.

He said Defence experts’ advice was “unequivocal” in favour of the French proposal.

French firm DCNS won the hard-fought contest over Germany and Japan to help design and build the fleet to replace the Collins Class fleet.

“The recommendation of … the experts who oversaw [the process] was unequivocal. The French offer represented the capabilities best able to meet Australia’s unique needs,” Mr Turnbull said.

Mr Turnbull said that “the bulk of the work will be done here” in Adelaide though there would be a supply chain that stretched across the country and some components such as the US-made combat system will be sourced overseas.

Defence Minister Marise Payne said the new submarine fleet would form a “vital part of our naval capability to 2060 and beyond, well beyond the lifespan of most of us who are standing here today”.

“National security has been the number one driver of this decision,” she said. “It reflects the fact that we are a maritime-based trading nation and both our national and economic security are linked to the maritime environment of our region.

“We need submarines with considerable range. We need the capacity to remain undisturbed and undetected for extended periods of time. We need submarines that are quiet, that have advanced sensor technology to detect other submarines.”

France’s bid was seen as technically very strong, particularly its quiet propulsion system that uses a marine equivalent of a jet engine rather than a propeller.

DCNS makes a wide range of cutting-edge submarines, ranging from small attack boats to massive strategic nuclear missile submarines.

Their Shortfin Barracuda design will be a variant of an existing French nuclear-powered boat. It will be converted to a diesel-electric powered design.

The French were competing against designs by Japan and Germany. While former prime minister Tony Abbott favoured Japan, there were concerns that the country lacked experience in exporting such complex military hardware.

Rather Japan’s bid rested partly on strategic arguments, in that it would bring two of the major democracies in Asia closer together at a time of rising instability caused by the emergence of China as a major power.

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Mediterranean diet can protect against effects of eating junk food, study finds

The new study provides adds to the growing body of evidence that the Mediterranean diet is good for the heart. Photo: ShaiithThe prevailing wisdom that a balanced diet, rather than the extreme end of healthy, appears to be sound, with a new study showing sugary and fatty foods may not be as bad as we think for people with heart problems.
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A study involving more than 15,000 people with coronary heart disease from 39 countries found that while the Mediterranean diet reduced the risk of heart attack and stroke, the Western diet of refined sugars and deep-fried foods did not increase the risk.

In fact it appears a Mediterranean-style diet – rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, legumes and unrefined foods – has a protective effect when it comes to eating junk food.

The researchers from New Zealand said in their paper – published today in the European Heart Journal – they were surprised to find that eating greater amounts of healthy food was more important than avoiding Western junk food, such as lollies, cake and fizzy drinks.

But Professor Ralph Stewart, from the University of Auckland, warned the finding did not mean people could eat unhealthy foods with impunity.

“The main message is that some foods – and particularly fruit and vegetables – seem to lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes, and this benefit is not explained by traditional risk factors such as good and bad cholesterol or blood pressure,” he said.

“The study found no evidence of harm from modest consumption of foods such as refined carbohydrates, deep fried foods, sugars and deserts. However, because the assessments were relatively crude, some harm cannot be excluded.”

The leading cause of death in Australia is coronary heart disease, with the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showing it accounted for one in seven male deaths and one in eight female deaths in 2014.

While the traditional message has focused on avoiding unhealthy foods, this study suggests health groups should place more emphasis on encouraging people with heart disease to eat more healthy foods.

The researchers asked 15,482 people with stable coronary artery disease and an average age of 67 to complete a lifestyle questionnaire.

The questionnaire asked participants to detail how often they consumed servings from food groups such as meat, fish, dairy foods, whole grains or refined grains, vegetables (excluding potatoes), fruit, desserts, sweets, sugary drinks, deep-fried foods and alcohol.

Participants who consumed more healthy foods were awarded a “Mediterranean diet score”, while those with a taste for unhealthy foods were given a “Western diet score”.

Over nearly four years, 1588 of the participants suffered either a heart attack or stroke, or died – accounting for 10.1 per cent of the group.

“After adjusting for other factors that might affect the results, we found that every one unit increase in the Mediterranean Diet Score was associated with a seven percent reduction in the risk of heart attacks, strokes or death from cardiovascular or other causes in patients with existing heart disease,” said Professor Stewart.

“In contrast, greater consumption of foods thought be less healthy and more typical of Western diets, was not associated with an increase in these adverse events, which we had not expected.”

The findings were consistent across all the geographical regions involved in the study, including Australia.

The authors warned the observational study did not show cause and effect. Limitations include the fact it relied on self-reporting, did not assess total calorie intake and did not assess good fats and bad fats.

The study was funded by GlaxoSmithKline. The participants were part of the pharmaceutical giant’s “stability” drug trial, created to learn whether a drug reduced the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and deaths.

Dr Nita Forouhi, from the MRC Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge, told the UK’s Telegraph: “On the surface it is an attractive message that greater emphasis should be on encouraging healthy foods rather than avoiding unhealthy foods, but such a conclusion is premature.”

She continued: “It is too early without further research to conclude convincingly about the lack of harm of unhealthy foods.”

Victoria Taylor, from the British Heart Foundation said: “We should be cautious about the suggestion from the study that greater consumption of refined carbohydrates, deep fried foods, sugars and desserts, which are more typical of Western diets, are not associated with an increase in heart attack, stroke or death.”

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On this day in BallaratApril 27

Wendouree cricketer Heath Pyke in 2004. On this day in Ballarat | April 27 2002 – Highland Dancing Championships (part of Royal South Street) at Grammar’ Performing Arts Centre. L-R Shkara Rantall(8), Ebony Mackay (9), Rebecca Kelly (9).
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2002 – BFL under-14.5, East V Lakers: East Corey Quinlan.

2002 – BFL representative team’s coaches: Phillip Knowles (U18 coach).

2002 – Ballarat Secondary College. Winner of the Courier Write on Art Competition.16 year old Josh Begbie and 19 year old Ashley Skewes.

2002 – Jason Ibbotson, 2nd Dan Black Belt in the Korean martial art “Hapkido.” He has been studying the art for 20 years and conducted a demonstration at Eastwood Leisure Complex.

2003 – VS dance party preview at Grainery Lane, pictured are organisers and performers Michelle (stage name will be “Luva DJ”) and Kynan (“old Des Peres”) Robinson.

2003 – Buninyong CFA profile captain Ron Shirley with the brigade’s 1899 Merryweather Fire Tender.

2003 – Avoca Races: from Left Pauline Borch, Linda Parry, Nicole Rinaldi Lizzie Lang.

2003 – Peter O’Connell 300th Game for Lake Wendouree.

2003 – Creswick Salem’s Lot location Superviser Peter Kedall and son Andrew Kendall prepare the town for Filming Next Week.

2004 – Promo for “100 days to Athens” dinner. President Ballarat Sportmans Club John Burt and executive director Victorian Olympic Council and bronze medallist (softball) Atlanta 1996 Jenny Holiday fight for gold at Sovereign Hill.

2004 – Excellence in Learning preview, ACU students from left, Bernie Sanford, Fiona Broadhead, Zoe Ruwoldt and Sandra Nicholls.

2004 – Sturt St Rotunda works, pictured is City of Ballarat painter, Simon Caygill, painting the top.

2004 – Preview to 100 days to Athens dinner, Canoeist Bryan Thomas, left, and badminton star Peter Blackburn.

2004 – At Peter Stevens motorworld workshop WorkCover minister Rob Hulls launches a safety campaign targeting automotive workshops. Rob Hulls with 4th yr apprentice auto technician Paul Manfreda looking at a turbo charger to fitted to the car.

2005 – Austin Radiology Centre at Base- official opening by Health Minister Bronwyn Pike, pic left, and BHS Chief M.I.T. Richard Van Dreven, right.

2005 – Silence for Killed worker on the Job at John Valves: Fetter Mark Duke.

2005 – Donation of a Guitar to the Victims of the Linton Fire: from left Henry McLean Manager of Allans Music Tony Boadle and Barb McLean.

2005 – IT entrepeneur George Fong flicks the switch to launch the opening of the festival.

2005 – Creswick School of Forestry– research and student services manager Carol Stewart, and Researcher CRC wood innovations Dr. David Butt.

2006 – Shane Giles of Ballarat training at WizeGuys gym for his role in The Biggest Loser TV show.

2006 – Scholar and Learmonth footballer, Luke Anderson.

2006 – Announcement by Minister for State and Regional Development John Brumby of $3.8M for 2 new and renovations for 5 attractions at Sovereign Hill. John Brumby (R) refuses the kind offer of dead possums from Sovereign Hill’s Luke Tonkin (L). Sovereign Hill board President Peter Davies watching.

2006 – Manager of “Irish Murphy’s” pub, Ian Larkin, prepares to renovate the front interior to accommodate smokers due to the new legislation being introduced. Greg Sheridan enjoys a smoke in the soon to be renovated area.

2006 – East Timorese veterans who helped the Australian Diggers repel the advancing Japanese army during WW11, spend a day at Christian College’s Scotsburn campus as part of the school’s external programme and a sister city arrangement with Geelong and Viqueque. Rufino Alves Correia (89) and Armindo Monteiro (86) proudly wear the SAS berets.

2007 – Geoff Wallis is reunited with his stopwatch that was lost in Lake Wendouree about 40 years ago when a cox. He was training in a rowing crew lost it overboard. BHS student Stachia Taffe unearthed it in about a foot of mud during an archaeological dig under the school’s boatshed.

2007 – Hole in One for 15-year-old Natalie Shannon.

2007 – Ballarat Trotting Club to hold fund-raising night for Riding For The Disabled at this saturday’s trots night. RDA volunteer Bill Whiting and VP Bobby Bath help Tiffan Poulton try out a trotting sulky at the RDA’s indoor arena in Carngham Rd.

2007 – Sudanese refugee Mary Top with her baby Nyabaum and and reunited with her daughter Nyadoar Moses (2) who she had to leave behind when she left to come to Australia.

2007 – Nikita Alexander and Andrew McDougall the only two primary school students from Ballarat to be chosen to represent Victoria in the VPSSA National titles.

2008 – Chris Banwell from East Point and Brad Anderson from Ballarat Swans.

2008 – Dallieill Dykstrq, Natalie Linke.

2008 – Reunion of Vietnam Veterans at the North Britain Hotel: Bill Klaus Peter Locke, Bob Eddon, Rick Avery.

2008 – ACU Nationl Schoolarships ceremony at Ballarat ACU: Miranda Dakydd, Marcus Page.

2008 – Sebastopol Secondary College student Steph Kuskonovic who suffers from cerebral palsy now ownes a computer which she can opperate simply by moving her eyes.

2009 – Jackie Stewart-Engelbrecht and Ian MacPherson from Barkly’s Restaurant.

2009 – Ballarat Devils’ Marcus Lynch.

2009 – Carngham Linton GD Tiarne Harrison fights for possesion with Illabarook GA Tegan Prentice.

2009 – Jackson Cheung from Tokyo Grill House.

2009 – Fifteen-year-old Australasian Under 17 Girls Singles Badminton Champion Tara Pilven.

2010 – Steve Fielding at Ballarat Secondary College, he wasn’t allowed in though.

2010 – Ballarat Football Club Legends Night will happen on June 5 and the club is looking for descendants of relatives: John Smith and Don Ross search for legends in the old photos in the club rooms. .

2010 – Chess tournament involving schools from around the region being held at Ballarat and Clarendon College, Caleb Fitzpatrick (Mt Clear College).

2010 – Cr Sam McIntosh, Ballarat And District Vignerons Assocuiation Rep Keith Wightwick and head chef at Heritage on Lydiard Damien Jones on the Balconey at Craigs.

2010 – Roosters Nick Peters and Bullants Richard Hadley.

2011 – North Ballarat Rebel Brad Crouch.

2011 – Terry Cunnington with his partner Shelley Foote in the block of land they have purchased round the lake. Terry has had issues with building regulations due to the Heritage area.

2011 – Lady Devils senior Leadership Group Tessa Curtain, Sally Gentle, Lisa Dejong.

2011 – Umpire Daryl Biggin at City Oval, celebrates, 100 Senior BFL games on the weekend.

2011 – Preview for MOPS walk around Lake Wendouree: Ruby Sanders (6), Lorna Clarke, Margaret Sanders (National Director of MOPS), Juelz Sanders.

2012 – Matt Walker, Scott Simpson, Megan Ryan at the Avoca Races.

2012 – Girls camped out for One Direction tickets that go on sale tomorrow. The earliest arrival was Nykita who has been there since 8am: Mikayla Duffy, Brooke Hutchinson, Tamika John, Nykita Gale.

2012 – Katherine Martin and Joshua Liston from Ballarat and Sebastopol Cycling Club and Professor George Kannourakis (Ballaract Cancer Research Centre) .

2012 – Sascha is the first Assistance Dog Australia puppy to be trained in Ballarat: Sascha and Sandra McLeod.

2012 – Manager of Warrembeen property near Rokewood, Wayne Johnstone, has had several sheep stolen.

2013 – Matt Short has been selected to play cricket for Victoria.

2013 – Ballarat Go Kart owners Nigel and Olga Kaye still aren’t able to open their business.

2013 – Miners Rest farmer Shane Carey will have an open farm day as part of nationwide Alpaca Week to promote Alpacas.

2013 – Commerce Ballarat executive officer Jodie Gillett and Tabel 48 owner Gus Raschilla.

2013 – Chris Skett, Elaine Tso, James Philips.

2014 – Mitre 10’s Chris Jones in front of new building in McPherson St. It will open in July.

2014 – Beechworth Bakery manager Belinda Pearce and employee Hannah Westaway after chopping their hair to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, with Kc hairdresser Jacqui Carey and Ashlee Sandwith, and Beechworth employee also making the chop Hannah Westaway.

Ballarat Lady Devils v Doncaster Rovers @ Morshead Park L-R – Alexandra Amore – Doncaster, Holly Williamson, Jordyn Donald – Ballarat

2014 – Ballarat mum Kate Gale is this year’s ambassador for the Mother’s Day Classic. She is also a breast cancer survivor after being misdiagnosed several times. L-R – Bree Gale – 9yo, Kate Gale, Gemma Gale – 7yo

Corey Smith is the new area manager for Country Victoria/Southern Australia Director of Coaching, in the new Ballarat Futsal Centre

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