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Landfill wash bay a no go for now

Victoria Street Landfill.Local councillors couldn’t reach an agreement to approve the construction of a landfill wash bay last Wednesday night until they were given more information.
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The public and private contractors using Victoria Street Tip’s compactor trailer slab to wash vehicles has compelled council’s planning, environment and strategic planning director Craig Filmer to propose and recommend a user-pays wash bay be built at the facility.

While the project hasn’t fully been costed – nor is included in this year’s capital works budget – it’s estimated to cost $30,000.

Mr Filmer said people were utilising the hose, installed to clean the fines and build up under the compactor, to wash out trailers, horse floats, utes, skips, trucks and, in some cases, the outside of their vehicles.

But last December council found the amount of water, waste and leachate on the concrete slab was impacting the health and safety of staff and the contracted landfill’s haulage truck driver.

Works were completed on drainage and extending the concrete slab to improve the site’s safety but Mr Filmer said addressing drainage issues didn’t reduce the risk of the public being in close proximity to the compactor.

“We’re going to build something that’s not required,” Councillor Tony Wallace said at their April 20 meeting.

He reminded his fellow councillors there was a truck wash at the Young Saleyards – which has been a hot topic for council in recent years – and would be useful in the future.

“[We should] create one and not doing this twice…it needs to be investigated,” he said.

Councillors Brian Mullany, John Walker, Allan Miller and Sandy Freudenstein agreed, with suggestions that council should look into how big a wash bay was really needed at the facility and one bay for all to use may be the best option.

“With the expansion of sport fields I don’t envisage the wash bay being in Lachlan Street forever,” Cr Sandy Freudenstein said.

“Move it to Victoria Street so two parties can use it.”

Mr Filmer told the meeting there was a will to do more for their contractors and that they should be able to use something should they get tainted vehicles.

“We thought we’d have it three quarters right and not just a slab and a hose,” he said.

“Lachlan Street has a connection to the sewer, the one in Victoria Street may only be used for waste trucks.”

He said it wasn’t desirable to have trucks travelling through town or too far with “dribbly garbage”.

Cr Stuart Freudenstein believed providing a wash bay at the landfill was the best resolution.

“The truck wash was required in Lachlan Street (at the saleyards) for stock transport,” he said.

“The way I read this report, the need is there and the one in Lachlan Street has a need too.”

Cr Ben Cooper was concerned about keeping services local and said moving the washing off site could be problematic.

The proposal went to a vote with councillors Brian Ingram and Stuart Freudenstein being the only two in favour of going ahead to build the wash bay.

The remaining six voted against the recommendation, with Cr Cooper moving for a more detailed report on the matter first be brought back to them.

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Council calls for federal support of local sports

Forbes mayor Phyllis Miller is leading a push for the Federal Government to provide funding for community sporting facilities.
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Mayor Miller said she hoped to “sow the seed” for the funding whilst attending the National General Assembly of Local Government in Canberra in June.

“Rural life is made up of our sporting venues,” Mayor Miller said.

“There is no funding for sporting fields, what we’re saying is let’s get Federal funding, even if we have to match it dollar for dollar, so that we can do some of the work needed on these sporting fields.

“I want to try to get this on the radar of the board of Local Government and they can then take it on,” she said.

“An enormous amount of money is currently going to the cities for stadia.

“If we can get say $200,000 a year it would do an enormous amount,” mayor Miller said.

Forbes Shire Council acting general manager Max Kershaw said the Federal Government currently has two programs that help fund community infrastructure but applications for both are complex and take a long time to prepare.

“Without the support of shire councils it is almost too much trouble for time poor community volunteers to apply,” Mr Kershaw said.

“As with many regional communities organised sport is the glue that binds the community.

“It plays a major role in promoting healthy lifestyles and creating inclusive communities.”

Funding for the facilities, Mr Kershaw said, “just doesn’t exist”.

He said current funding programs are usually hopelessly oversubscribed and a great deal of inequity existed.

“Smaller regional shire concils are severely disadvantaged (by the process),” Mr Kershaw said.

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League tag rep trial

Bombala reps: (Back) Georgie Clarke; third Monique Ingram; fifth Chloe Murphy, seventh Tash Stewart, eight Abbey Kimber; (front) Patrice Clear, fifth Keiarna Rodwell. Thebest rugby league players from Groups 16, 6 and 7played for Greater Southern Region Stars selectionat Mackay Park, Batemans Bay, on April 23.
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Group 16 tackled Group 6 in the senior men’s trial, while Groups 16, 6 and 7 played the first ladies’ league tag selection play-off.

Bombala players Luke Ingram and Joe Bobbin were selected to play for the men and High Heeler ladiesPatrice Clear, Monique Ingram, Chloe Murphy, Tash Stewart, Abbey Kimber, Kiearna Rodwell, Jane Peadon and Georgie Clarke were all selected in the ladies league tag team.

League tag players had two 20-minute matches to impress selectors for the first Greater Southern Region Stars side.

Group 7 defeated Group 16, 12-4. For its first try, Group 7 stacked its backline and Ebony Murray scored after some precision passing for a 4-nil lead.

Jamie Emerson scoredfrom adummy-half run andTyler Finn ran around the outside of the defence, Group 7 leading 12-nil.

When Group 16 hadgood field position shortly before full-time, Bega Chicks’Joc Rogers kicked cross-field and clubmateMaddison Parbery plucked the bouncing ball from the air in goal, spinning around to score.

Group 6 and 7 played to the final sirenwith Group 7 hanging on to win, 9-8, despite a thrilling last Group 6 field-goal fake play.

Group 6’s Nicole Mallam and Caitlin Partridgeand Group 7’s Alana Glasson and Carly Ryan scored tries. Ryan’s try was a highlight.Talia Atfield kicked over the defence and Ryan caught the ball on the full, outpacing the defenceto placethe ball under the crossbar.

Group 16 came close to scoring, but was kept out, losing the final clash 12-nil to Group 6.

Inthe men’s gameGroup 6 winger Josh Mcilvenny opened the scoring, following a slick offload by Jacob Loko.

Group 6 set up its next try through the ruck andRay Cashmere planted the ball shortly before half-time. Anthony Provost converted for the 10-nil half-time lead.

Group 6 scored first in the second half, with Group 16 then converting its own try for a score of16-6.

Group 6 won 32-6.

The Southern Stars are set to play against Western Rams on May 21.

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NIAS funding in doubt

A HEALTHY approach to sport has powerful positive effects on and off the field, which is why Member for Northern Tablelands, Adam Marshall, is knocking on doors in Macquarie Street, arguing the case for an increase in funding from the state government for the Northern Inland Academy of Sport (NIAS).
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NIAS has received $148,000 a year from the state government for the past eight years. Now, along with the state’s other 10 regional sports academies, it is renegotiating that five-year funding agreement, due to expire in December.

Former chairman of the NIAS board, Mr Marshall has backed a push to have each academy’s funding raised to about $250,000.

Member for Northern Tablelands Adam Marshall is after incresed funding for NIAS.

He said it was about more than just sport.

“When our young athletes have access to psychologists, nutritionists and other sports medicine practitioners, they are being supported to develop a healthy, happy well-rounded approach to their sport,” Mr Marshall said.

Although he thought the additional funding was a reasonable request, he did acknowledge that the academies would have to tighten their collective belts.

However, he said he is determined that the essential service provided by NIAS should be expanded where possible. NIAS identifies and supports 160 athletes and 25 coaches in the North West each year.

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Son threatens to blow up house

A Young man threatened to blow up a house with a gas bottle after a physical altercation with his father and damaging a fridge, TV and picture frame.
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Richard Sutherland of Watson Street, Young pleaded guilty in Young Local Court on February 16 to common assault, damaging property and intimidation intending to cause fear of physical harm.

He was also convicted of driving with a middle range PCA and never licenced person drive vehicle in a separate incident.

According to police facts tendered in court, the 34-year-old drank a large amount of alcohol between 5pm and 10.30pm on November 2 last year and began arguing with the victim.

Sutherland lost his temper and ran towards the fridge, headbutting it and damaging it.

He fell backwards, landing on the floor and hitting his head on the stove.

The victim tried to retrain him and called emergency services but Sutherland got up and walked into the lounge room, still shouting abuse at the victim.

Sutherland threw his mobile phone at the TV, punched the screen and damaged it.

He also punched a picture frame, causing the glass to fly around the kitchen and lounge room.

The victim tried to restrain him again but Sutherland punched him in the face, bruising his eye.

Sutherland walked outside onto the veranda and attempted to unscrew the barbecue gas bottle, telling the victim he was going to light it and blow up the house.

In a police interview later on, Sutherland admitted to the offences.

He was given a 12 month good behaviour bond.

He was also fined $200 and disqualified from driving for six months after he blew a 0.086 reading at a random breath test site in Queanbeyan on March 28 last year.

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Sand mining report to go to Parliament

Report due: The Finance and Administration Committee is expected to report on its inquiry next Tuesday. Photo: Robert RoughA report on proposed legislation toendsand mining on North Stradbroke Island is due to be submitted to the Queensland Parliament nextTuesday.
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The report is based on a Finance and Administration Committee inquiry into two bills.

The inquiry was extended last monthto includea draft economic transition strategy and worker transition plans.

One bill, introduced by Dalrymple MP Shane Knuth in October, proposes sand mining ceaseby the end of 2024, but allows for rehabilitation until the end of 2029.

The other bill, introduced by Environment Minister Steven Miles in December,aims to substantially phase out sand mining by 2019.

The committee has received more than2000 submissions andheard from more than100 witnesses plus speakersat public forms.

At a departmental briefing earlier this month, theDepartment of State Development’s Matthew Andrew said an analysis had sought to quantify the direct economic and employment impactsof ending sand mining.

“The analysis found approximately 141 people are employed in sand mining operations on North Stradbroke Island and of these approximately 95 reside on the island,” Mr Andrewsaid.

The draft strategy focused on boosting tourism, education and trainingand the local business sector.

Proposedinitiativesincluded a ferry from Brisbane CBD to North Stradbroke Island and the integration of the island’s public transport with Translink.

Improved pedestrian and cycling trails and infrastructure, expandingthemarket for school camps, field studies and tertiary research, the development of a dayvisitor precinct at Dunwich and the expansion of existing aged-care facilities were also among draft proposals.

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Beryl the cheeky BrahmanVideo

Beryl is often found sleeping on the bath mats thanks to her love of rugs. Photo: Beryl the Brahman/FacebookBeryllives a life of luxury, flitting between snoozing in the living room and eating mangoes with dad in the backyard.
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Beryl is an eight-month-old Brahman calf.

Sally Webster wasin the cattle yard at her 2000-head cattle property near Georgetown, north Queensland, when she spotted the newborn.

Beryl was struggling to suckle because her mum was over-producing milk, which meanther teats were too big for the tiny calf to gether mouth around.

Mrs Webstersaid she reluctantly stepped in totry andhelp feed the calf, who if left in the yard with her mother, would have starved.

“I put my fingers in her mouth and dripped some water near her mouthand she drank straight away,” she said.

“It is one of those things that even though we took her from her mother we saved her life. It was a hard decision.

“Sometimes living on a station you have to interfere to save their lives.”

Ms Webster said the next day she and her husband Jake went into town and bought calf-feeding equipment and “that was it, she was part of the family”.

Beryl the Brahman loves cuddles on the lawn. Photo: Beryl the Brahman/Facebook

The 24-year-old couple had both grewup loving and living on the land and fell in love with Beryl straight away.

“Beryl is our first child, we are just recently married, hopefully kids will come along one day,” Mrs Webster said.

“She leads a pretty unique life, not many cows would have the life she has.”

While Beryl lives in her own small paddock right next to the house, she takes any opportunity to sneak into the house and hang out.

“She has a small paddock right near the house she can live in but she doesn’t go far way, she pretty much lives in our house yard and eats our lawn,” Mrs Webster said.

“I don’t think she thinks she is a cow, she is so human like, I think she thinks she is a dog.

“She is weaned now, but she knows where the powdered milk is that we fed her, so she tries to get into the house all the time, if we accidently leave the door open and we can hear a rustle and we know Beryl is probably inside.”

While she may look like the other cattle on the property, she is treated very differently.

“She loves eating fruit, bananas and mangoes, she loves sitting down with us on the lawn, she just wants to sit down with us, she sits on us all the time,” Mrs Webster said.

“If we can’t see her and we sing out ‘Beryl!’ she will moo back to us.

“We have six working dogs, they know the rules with Beryl -two of the pups used to snuggle up with Beryl, they used to curl up next to her.

“They are working dogs, they have to herd cattle but they know Beryl is not a normal cow, they know they can’t bark at her.”

While Beryl is likely to grow considerably -Brahman cows can reach a whopping 700 kilograms -Mrs Webster said she will likely remain a well-mannered lady.

“As long as she has manners we are happy, she knows when we are rousing, she is very placid,” she said.

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Funding boost for RSL

Respect: Fairfield Mayor Frank Carbone attended three Anzac Day services across Fairfield. Picture: Anna WarrFairfield Mayor Frank Carbone has championeda donation by Fairfield City Council to support local RSL clubs in future Anzac Day commemorations.
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Mayor Carbone made the proposal in this week’s Council meetingto assist local clubsto buy equipment and pay for future Anzac Day services to commemorate the fallen.

The proposalwas unanimously approved by Council.

Under the proposal,$1000 will be donated to four local RSL sub branches –Canley Heights RSL, Smithfield RSL, Cabra Vale Diggers and Fairfield RSL.

The donationswill be sourced from the Mayoral Community Benefit Fund.

This year Mayor Carbone attended the Cabra Vale Diggers Dawn Service on Anzac Day, followed by services at Canley Heights RSL and Mounties.

He said that the number of local residents attending the ceremoniesshowed the continued importance of Anzac Day to the local community.

“Anzac Day is a very patriotic day, a day to remember those that have given so much for all of us as individuals but also as a nation,” Mayor Carbonesaid.

“I was very proud to attend numerous ceremonies and to see many community memberspay their respects to those that fought so hard to give us the way of life we have today.”

“There were a lot of people that attended.

“I think that just goes to show that the Anzac spirit is alive and well and it truly does have a connection with local residents.”

Meanwhile, Fairfield will go to the polls on September 10 for the scheduled ordinarylocal government elections.

Councils that are subject to the merger proposal, which does not include Fairfield,will wait for the outcome of the review process before going to the polls in March 2017.

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Sign up, join the Army

KINDNESS: Major Phillip Pleffer has relocated to Albury with his wife Irene after working with the Salvos in the Sydney suburb of Newtown. Picture: DERRICK KRUSCHE
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The SalvationArmy is calling on Border residents to register for the Red Shield Appeal later this month.

Major Phillip Pleffer, who has been a Salvation Army officer for the past 33 years,said they needed as many volunteers as they could get.

“The Red Shield Appeal is our annual doorknock that the Salvation Army conducts Australia-wide,” he said. “It’s to raise money to help in the local community and also in the wider community with our programs such as drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

“So it’s very important that we have the finances to be able to do that.”

The Salvation Army is hoping to recruit100,000 volunteer collectors nationwide to help make the doorknock a success.

The Red Shield Appeal runs over the weekend beginningMay 28,culminating with Doorknock Sunday on May 29.This dateis timely given the weather, according toMajor Pleffer.“If anyone’s sleeping rough, winter is a time when it’s more difficult,” he said.

Major Pleffer saidhomelessness did not just comprise of people sleeping on the streets but also thosewithout steady accommodation.

Before the doorknock, volunteer collectorswill get a kit that includes a charity identification tag and a receipt tag.Afterwards, participantsreceive an appreciation certificate that children and teenagers can use on their resume. A food voucher is also gifted.

Puttinga number on the amount of homelessin Albury-Wodonga was difficult.

“We get quite a number of people here coming for assistance,” Major Pleffer said. “So if that’s anything to go on, there’s still people around who have fallen between the cracks.”

Major Pleffer said people should volunteer because it wouldinstila sense of community belonging.

“I think it gives people a spirit of being community-minded by helping out those in less fortunate circumstances,” he said. “You get the joy knowing that you’ve helped someone else.”

Major Pleffer dismissed perceptions of homeless people as drug addicts or lazy.

“Nobody knows what’s ahead of them,” he said. “Sometimes things happen and people find themselves in situations like that through no fault of their own.”

The community can register to volunteer online at salvos.org419论坛 or call (02) 6025 4996.

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Countdown to Open Yellowfin Tournament

Tournament topper: Janet Chippindale shows her prize-winning Yellowfin Tuna at last year’s Merimbula Open Fishing Tournament run by the Merimbula Big Game & Lakes Angling Club.
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It is now just over a week until the Merimbula Big Game & Lakes Angling Club’s Open Yellowfin Tournament on May 6-8.

With reports of fine yellowfin being taken off Eden as well as broadbill, the tournament certainly looks to be on track for a very successful weekend.

The club is posting a $6000 cash first prizefor the heaviest yellowfin tuna “line class” caught over the duration of the tournament.

Thanks to its great sponsors there will also be 16 other category prizes up for grabs.

For further details contact Robert Wood on0413 333 598.

With cash and prizes of over $1000,the club’s annual Snapper Classic is also scheduled for May 21-22.

This is a great competition for bottom bouncers and there is also free entry and cash prizes for junior anglers.

Briefing will be on Friday evening, May 20,at 7.30pm. Contact Chris Young: 0417 114 275.

Dusky flathead, trevally, tailor and whiting remain on the bite in our estuaries as well as bream, particularly near oyster beds.

Anglers are reminded that the annual zero bag limit closure for Australian bass and estuary perch from all rivers and estuaries in NSW will commence on May 1.

With the full moon it is time for some night time jewfish hunting using live baits.

Kingfish will also be on the prowl.

All estuary fish respond well to soft plastics and also live nippers.

Baitfish metal lures also bringgood results.

Ocean flathead remain on the chew; try 21 fathoms off Merimbula.

With the moon full there are also good gummy sharks active off the northern side of Long Point at about 20 fathoms as well as off Tura Golf Course and Tura Headland.

Good snapper and morwong are best sought off reef edges.Snapper are coming onto the biteas the waters cool. Best time is near dawn or dusk at a tide change.

Try from an anchored vessel with burley or use soft plastics, especially if you can locate a bait ball.

The Merimbula Big Game & Lakes Angling Clubmaintains an Open House at Spencer Park, every Friday evening commencing at 6.30pm.

Visitors are welcome, come and enjoy the fishing report, the ambience, friendship and lovely views with very competitive bar prices.

This Friday, April 15,Darragh Reynolds and Lindon Thompson are hosts.

All inquires Lindon Thompson on 0411 873 880.

Try the club’s website; 梧桐夜网mbglac南京夜网419论坛

Established in 1936, we area family orientated fishing club with about 250 members,

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